Van Buren approves YMCA resolution

— Van Buren officials want to see a YMCA built in the town.

To support their desire, the town board unanimously approved a resolution endorsing the concept of a YMCA facility within Van Buren.

“The YMCA is looking at seven potential sites in Van Buren and the town board wants the community and the YMCA to know that Van Buren believes that the YMCA would be a real asset to our community and would love for Van Buren to be its new home,” said Supervisor Claude Sykes.

Last month, YMCA officials decided to look at a number of alternative sites for the proposed Northwest YMCA, originally planned for the corner of Drakes Landing and Route 31 in Radisson. With several of those alternative sites being located in Van Buren, town officials stated in last night’s approved resolution “that the building of a YMCA facility would be beneficial to the town of Van Buren and an asset to the community” and the town board “hereby endorses the concept of developing a YMCA facility within the town of Van Buren (subject to formal planning board approval) and will work in good faith with the YCMA on the potential development of a YMCA facility within the town of Van Buren.

“It is great that [Van Buren’s] leaders stepped up in this way,” said Chris Iven, the director of communications for the YMCA of Greater Syracuse. “The volunteers, I’m sure, are happy to see this. It’s one more sign that the northwest part of Onondaga County wants a YMCA.”

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turgid 4 years, 5 months ago

Well, well. Looks like Claude is going to rip the Y gem right out of your crown, Barry. I am sure Van Buren will roll out the red carpet.


skip 4 years, 5 months ago

I figured it out, turgid, is skip carrich on face book, so you must be chris patrick


turgid 4 years, 5 months ago

Well, Skip. You are the one using the screen name Skip. Keep fishing. I do follow Skip Carritch on facebook but I have a different screen name of facebook. I thought I was Steve or am I Doremus Jessup? I do have to say, the real Skip is kicking you arse on Facebook. Little old Turgid does his work on this site and syracuse.com. I like the song he posts about Barry. You know the one "The D%$KHEAD Song". That cracks me up. The inspirational speech he posted all over facebook was good also. I am more of a hammer the keyboard kinda person. I am enjoying posting all of the old articles. I hope you are enjoying reading them with all the other Messenger readers. It is not what you know but what you can prove. So if Skip Carritch is Chris Patrick, good for him. At least there are others then Fred keeping the heat on Barry and the LRC. Keep spending the money and making promises, Barry. Those promises are going to come back a bite you.


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