LETTERS: Political favors owed and promptly paid

— To the editor:

Imagine the Lysander Town Hall packed with residents and not one person stepping forward, when asked, wanting or willing to speak out in favor of increasing the Lysander Planning Board membership from five to seven members. Then imagine a flustered and chagrined Town Supervisor John Salisbury, trying desperately to recover by claiming the “silent majority” as his base of support. Thus began the Jan. 23 political charade, posed as a public hearing, and conducted simply as a legal necessity with absolutely no intention (by four of five members) of being swayed or delayed by voiced concerns of town residents.

No Supervisor Salisbury, initiating a loud and repeated denial that your (JAM) decision to increase the Lysander Planning Board from five to seven members has “nothing to do with the YMCA,” does not make it any more believable. This decision has everything to do with the YMCA and their unrelenting desire to build at the Drakes Landing site in Radisson, purchased under less than transparent circumstances. It has everything to do with the public support of a “powerful and influential” special interest group, instrumental in getting you and the other JAM candidates elected; a special interest group whom you now so clearly serve. It has everything to do with political favors owed to the YMCA for their support, now almost paid-in-full. All that remains to be done is the actual “stacking of the deck” with the selection and appointment of the two Y-friendly unqualified and untrained candidates, your new members to the planning board.

No Supervisor Salisbury, you and councilors Shimer and Reeves do not get to invoke any type of plausible deniability regarding the JAM-YMCA political alliance, and now pretend it has nothing to do with the YMCA. Clearly, you all campaigned for office on a political platform fully supporting the Y’s plans for building at the Drakes Landing site, as documented in your Nov. 2, 2011 Baldwinsville Messenger and Nov. 4, 2011 Reflections full page campaign ads, “Help Build the YMCA Now!” The “Now” part could not possibly have been referring to any other site but Drakes Landing, given the Y’s tenacious intent to build there.

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