Letters: Conservative vice chair responds to Lysander’s 36 percent tax increase

To the editor:

As the vice chair for the Lysander Conservative Party, I would like to first congratulate Councilor Roman Diamond and Councilor Bob Geraci on their outstanding victory on Nov. 5. I’m so proud of all of our endorsed candidates. Politics at times can get very negative and very dirty, but you all held yourselves high and never got in the mud. Councilors Geraci and Diamond, you should be very proud. I wish you two all the luck in the world.

Second, I’d like to address the three town councilors that voted on Nov. 18 to raise taxes in Lysander 36 percent this year. How dare you? I was at the board meeting on the 18th when many residents got up to speak. Every single resident asked you not to raise taxes, and you completely ignored them. You also ignored residents when the town board held a public hearing, and residents told you they didn't agree with such a historic tax hike. Not only did you not listen, but you were also rude, condescending and arrogant. Mr. Supervisor, you kept saying “this is the board's meeting”. I’m sorry John, it’s not the board's meeting, it’s the taxpayers' meeting!

I don’t believe that the residents can afford such a significant tax increase this year. When you ran for office two years ago, you promised the Conservative Party that you would not raise taxes! You lied. You are responsible for the biggest tax increase Lysander has ever seen! Councilor Reeves, you said you just wanted to catch up with the town of Van Buren. I didn't know that it was a race. If it is a race, I'd rather let them win.

I apologize to the residents of Lysander for believing and trusting in the false promise you offered us. As the bible says, “you are a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.” I promise, wholeheartedly, that I will not be supporting any of you in two years when you run for reelection. In conclusion, I’d like to ask Councilor Diamond and Councilor Geraci to remember the taxpayers, unlike the Jam Team Members. We are cheering for you!




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VillagePeople 11 months ago

I am pretty sure JAM promised a lot of things and I am curious if they have lived up to any of their promises.

Why did the conservative party endorse this group?


chainsaw 10 months, 4 weeks ago

I like the praise and trust you've put in Mr. Geraci and Mr. Diamond. I hope they can keep a handle on the budget and the spending that goes along with it. I would also like to mention that the reason for the large increase the budget is primarily going to the highway portion of the budget. I would also like to remind you that the conservatives endorsed the current highway superintendent who will be allowed to spend this increase as he sees fit. I really hope that someone can make sure that this increase goes into road repair instead of somebody's idea of beautification. Meaning painting snowplows or wheels dot white. Please be aware that he thinks the towns money is a bottomless pit and if he's got it he's going to spend it


OLDDDP 10 months ago

Mr. Chainsaw, I being a long time Republican hope for some fiscal maturity over the next 4 yrs. The "two thirds" of Lysanders' budget is in the hands of a man that only has aspirations of making his mark in this town.(one of his quotes) Spending money for equipment unproven an un-needed is typical of this supervisor. Letting an unnecessary purchase costing $1600 sit on a pallet at the shop, because he said it would be too embarrassing to return, shows just how much concern he has over the taxpayers' money. I have always felt that taxpayers should vote in town officials, but if the JAM Team had appointed him as they had done oringinally, at least we could complain to the board about his antics.( that also would be a waste of time) He's a joke! p.s. My congrats' to the chairman of the Lysander Conservatives for pulling their endorsement from the JAM team...we Republicans should follow their example!


VillagePeople 10 months, 4 weeks ago

The "Silent majority" wins again. Hopefully you are more careful with who you endorse in the future.


chainsaw 10 months, 3 weeks ago

I forgot a phrase that I wanted to put in my last comment. The superintendent feels that its not his money so why not spend it. Just check into the amount of budget transfers for his department and see for yourself.


VillagePeople 10 months, 2 weeks ago

I am shocked the conservative party endorsed Salisbury and Reeves based on there current voting record around this, cell phones and health insurance buyouts. I am appalled most by the 2013 boards approval of the health insurance buyout as it sounds like there was no saving unless you count the people who got to deposit this massive taxpayer ripoff in their savings account.


OLDDDP 10 months ago

Chainsaw, Remember the road to Hell is paved with Liberals!


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