LETTER: $50,000 throw-away

To the editor:

I am a retired senior citizen with a very limited income, like many others in the B’ville school district. I faithfully pay all my taxes, including school taxes. I am extremely upset and yes “horrified” that the Baldwinsville School Board decided to pay the Baldwinsville superintendent $50,000 to notify them of her future retirement “just so they have more time to look for candidates”. It makes you wonder if the board is really qualified to look for candidates. How totally ludicrous. No financial reward should be given or should be necessary.

The superintendent already receives a very substantial salary of $185,464 plus benefits of $53,630 and an additional $7,400 under “Other” totaling $246,494 a year. What is other? I understand you have to pay a certain amount to be able to hire qualified people in the school system, but this additional $50,000 is going too far. How dare they squander our hard earned taxpayer dollars? Especially at a time when programs and jobs are being cut because of budget restraints and all our taxes are being increased. People on Social Security are lucky to get a one percent raise and then Medicare insurance is raised so we really get nothing.

I would respectfully and strongly suggest that the school board withdraw this incentive (even if it means they might lose a little face) and make this a standard statement in all school contracts that people must notify the board of their planned retirement at least six months or one year ahead of that time.

Diane Bowes


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Radres 1 year, 10 months ago

I agree with Diane. Unfortunately we have more misspending to come if we mess up election day next week. Roman Diamond, running for a seat on the Lysander Town Board, is part of the Board that voted to give Jeanne Dangle $50,000 of our school tax money as a retirement gift. Now Roman, a child who has never had to pay a cent in school or property taxes, wants to be part of your Town board!!!! He has been asked numerous times why he voted to give this gift of our tax money to the highly paid superintendent and each time he ignores or avoids the question. He has also been asked why he lobbied for removal of "Safe Space" anti-bullying signs in our schools. Everyone knows it had to do with his religious beliefs but, as these people do, he wouldn't admit that and avoids those questions also. Fortunately the rest of the school board decided to keep these signs in the schools after hearing the teen suicide statistics brought to light at a board meeting by members of local civil rights groups.

So, REMEMBER THIS GIFT OF OUR TAX MONEY TO A SCHOOL EMPLOYEE EARNING OVER $240,000 a year ON ELECTION DAY WHEN YOU SEE ROMAN DIAMOND'S NAME and vote your conscience. Having a 20 year old on the school board is cute but we've now seen the reason experience counts....having a 20 year old vying for a more powerful position in our town is not cute, it is scary.


Radres 1 year, 10 months ago

When you think your school tax bill is too high, remember Roman Diamond....and remember him on election day. He voted as part of the school board to give this gift to Jeanne Dangle...a gift of YOUR tax money.....money they tell you will help your child's education... money coming out of the pockets of senior citizens in danger of losing their house to school tax bills and property tax bills. Now this 2011 high school graduate that doesn't know what it is to have these kinds of burdens wants you to trust him as a member of the town board.


marvan 1 year, 10 months ago

Radres, please enlighten us to how Mike Rockdashil is going to make positive changes in the town. He hasn't come out with his plan so that tells me he has no plan. I have one other question for everyone is Roman the only one who voted yes........I didn't think so!


turgid 1 year, 9 months ago

Marvan (LRC member), please enlighten us on how Mr. Diamond or even Mr. Geraci plan to make a positive change in the town. Roman's stated priorities in the Messenger is getting the Board Meeting on the website and moving the Town Meetings to different locations to get better community attendance. Mr. Geraci's stated priorities in the Messenger is to just get along. That would be a first for an LRC backed board member. Your deflection on Radres issues, concerns and facts on record are a foundation to make an informed vote on Mr. Diamond. Trying to deflect is just another pathetic LRC tactic.


marvan 1 year, 9 months ago

Turgid, we haven't heard a thing from the Dem candidates atleast Roman has some ideas! Go back and revisit who you supported 2 years ago and see how good they are doing. Your problem is as your daughter has stated before you won't vote for most qualified person if they are backed by the LRC. That makes a lot of sense! Get ready for your disapointment tomorrow when they win again!


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