Chapter 16: The Adventures of Frankie


“Dad,” Frankie whispered out of the corner of his mouth. “Dad,” a little more insistent. “DAD,” he nearly shouted as he tugged at his father’s shirt.

“Yeah, yeah, what?” Dad turned his attention from the wall of fishing lures lined in neat rows.

“Those people are buying some of my worms!” His voice was down to a whisper again, but still very excited.

“Well son, that’s how it works. That’s how Mr. Geddes gets the money to pay you.”

“Yeah, cool, and he owes me $20. Can we stop at the bank and deposit it after he pays me? I’ve got almost enough for my half.”

Frankie’s dad had his hands full keeping his son from bouncing off the walls while waiting for the family in front of them to check out. Obviously they’re new to fishing because they were buying everything; rods, reels, hooks, bobbers, sinkers and a tub of Frankie’s juicy night crawlers. Mr. Dwyer hushed Frankie several times. When the guy pulled out a credit card to pay the bill he literally had to put a hand over his son’s mouth!

After depositing Frankie’s $20 into his very own savings account, he turned his attention back to what went on in the bait shop.

“Did you see that? $300! That’s what my new bike costs and he paid with a credit card!” Frankie didn’t even stop for a breath. “Hey, can we use your credit card to get my bike right now? The store’s right there.” Frankie leaned over and pointed, finger nearly taking off Dad’s nose. “It’ll fit in the back or I can ride it home. I know it’s not like I don’t have to pay for it. I’ll just pay a little more each time Mr. Geddes pays me. Please?”

“Hold on there kid. Credit cards cost money, lots of money. That’s called interest and interest adds up quick.” Dad wasn’t getting through to him so he told Frankie that they would go over the numbers after they got a bite to eat.

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