Lysander supervisor gives town update

Messenger Editor Tami Scott recently met with Lysander Supervisor John Salisbury and Deputy Supervisor Melinda Shimer to talk about current events within the town. The following questions focus on such projects as the sale of the Lysander Ice Rink, an upcoming truck purchase in the highway department and the next step in the construction of a community residence for boys on Doyle Road.

Where does the town currently stand with the Lysander Ice Rink?

JS: The town received a purchase offer from the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Hockey organization which has now said that they are unable to obtain financing. The town is working with the Lysander Youth Hockey organization as a possible purchaser. The lease with the YMCA is still in effect as is the lease between the YMCA and the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Hockey group. The lawyers are sorting through the legal ramifications of the leases and the potential sale of the ice rink. We would hope that things can be settled so as not to interfere with the fall and winter ice hockey programs.

A costly truck purchase is in the works for the highway department. Have any decisions been made yet? What are the options and costs associated?

JS: We are going to discuss the truck purchase as soon as we receive more information from Highway Superintendent [Gene Dinsmore] as requested by town board members. For board members to make an informed vote, certain information is required.

Councilor Shimer, do you have an update on the Doyle Road boys' group home?

MS: I am in touch with Judy D'Amore at Toomey on a regular basis with feedback and updates on the status of the Doyle Road project. The plans have been approved in Albany, and the architect has sent out bid packages. Judy tells me that it's a pretty extensive bid package, so it will take time for contractors to prepare a bid. At this point, she is not sure when they will be choosing a contractor, and no other activity is happening.

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excessisoverated 1 year, 8 months ago

Mr. Salisbury, In hindsight, would it have been better to put the Ice Rink out to bid? Maybe even have a public hearing?


excessisoverated 1 year, 8 months ago

Mr. Salisbury - Would the situation have been better had the rink been put out for a proper bid? Any regrets for cutting corners?


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