LETTERS: Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC

Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC

To the editor:

Kudos to the Lysander Town Board for its unanimous decision to sell the Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena. Hopefully, the town board will utilize the $50,000 annual debt service savings and the lump sum ($255,000) it will receive from the sale for the betterment of the taxpayers they serve. Perhaps, this money can be returned to the taxpayers in the form of lower taxes in 2015, especially after our taxes were increased so much this year.

It is also my hope that the ice arena management will seek to maximize the rinks potential now that they alone control its destiny. The ice arena is a wonderful asset to the Baldwinsville community and serves the needs of many organizations. It also serves as a place for our youth to congregate on Friday evenings during the winter months. The rink, however, suffers from what I would characterize as a lack of tender, loving care. A fresh coat of paint in some areas, working light bulbs in the scoreboards, better snow removal in the parking lot and on sidewalks, fresher smelling/cleaner bathrooms, a deep cleansing of the locker rooms, and other areas, and a greater effort to keep the place in better than just operable condition appears to be pretty much all that is needed. I also hope they will consider some “out of the box” thinking, i.e. New Year’s Eve ice skating celebrations, other family friendly events, and perhaps even ice rink, locker room, and building naming rights, to generate revenue to insure the arena remains an asset to our community well into the future.

I wish them the best of luck, and I truly hope they will succeed.

Timothy M. Dwyer


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VillagePeople 1 year, 12 months ago

Mr Dwyer,

Thank you for sharing your perspective on the sale of the Ice rink and what you feel could improve it as an asset to the community.


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