LETTERS: Why refusal to apologize?

To the editor:

A few months ago I was made aware of an entry on “The B’ville Blotter” site on Facebook. The entry was a multi-page copy of a letter dated Aug. 11, 2012 written by Town Councilor Andrew Reeves to the New York State Attorney General.

In this letter, Mr. Reeves accused two former town of Lysander officials and our current town clerk, Lisa Dell, with various crimes. Reeves asked the A.G. “to open a formal investigation into possible criminal activity on the part of the former attorney and dog catcher, and current clerk of the town of Lysander including but not limited to conspiracy, criminal impersonation, forgery, fraud, official misconduct, obstructing governmental administration and perjury.” Some of these are felony crimes.

However, a reading of the five pages written by Reeves reveals no facts that would support the above charges, but is simply opinion and innuendo as recounted by someone with an agenda. That agenda, I believe, is to discredit these fine people and the Lysander Republican Committee, which they were all members of at one time and some still are.

By his own admission, Mr. Reeves admits ( to friends) that the attorney general’s office has rejected his accusations and is not conducting any investigation regarding his request. When I asked Mr. Reeves at a town board meeting what specific crimes he was referring to in his letter to the A.G., and to explain the results of the investigation, he refused to answer and Mr. Salisbury said the issue was not “town business.”

It seems to me that when a town councilor accuses another town official of crimes that it absolutely is town business. Reeves has commented to others that the A.G’s office is not following up on his letter of complaint. A check with the attorney general’s office reveals there is no active investigation resulting from Mr. Reeves’ letter.

What I want to know is why Mr. Reeves has no qualms about posting a letter on Facebook maligning these three fine people, but refuses to apologize to them after he learns that the attorney general sees no merit in his complaint. I suspect that if the attorney general found credible evidence of wrongdoing that Mr. Reeves and Mr. Salisbury would share that information with the electorate.



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VillagePeople 1 year, 10 months ago

Have any of the town board members lived up to their campaign promises? Any example of this would be appreciated.


VillagePeople 1 year, 10 months ago

Salisbury said that Lysander 1st will “put the people first, ahead of politics.”


VillagePeople 1 year, 10 months ago

“We hope to bring a new spirit of openness, transparency and accountability to town government and a new level of progress in Lysander,” Salisbury said.


VillagePeople 1 year, 10 months ago

Any one heard any news on the YMCA as the lack of progress is apparent,


turgid 1 year, 10 months ago

They are more transparent then the LRC EVER was. They conduct work sessions open to the public before every town meeting. They announce other work sessions.

They are getting rid of the Ice Arena fiasco.

They have repaired most of the Town Hall building Issues left by the previous administration. Heating and AC not working properly, alarm system not working properly, servers not installed or working properly, etc.

Saved a boat load by hiring in house engineer.

Addressing the absolute neglect of the town infrastructure.

Saved money on the insurance even after the payout. The union working with LRC to try and burn them.

While they have been quietly addressing a myriad of issued neglected by the previous reign of the LRC, the LRC has been making every attempt to embarrass them and hinder any progress in fixing town issues.

The only person playing politics at Town Hall is Town Clerk Lisa Dell with her continued partisanship. Her purposely producing partisan meeting minutes. Her continued attempts to stifle her political opposition. He continued violation of agreed upon policies and procedures. He deliberate withholding of information from other town officials and employees.


VillagePeople 1 year, 10 months ago

Turgid - I do not know if they are more transparent than the old administration but I have no reason to doubt your claim. A Union working with Republicans sounds a little far fetched based on my knowledge of unions.

Ice arena fiasco is still a fiasco and I expect the arena to be closed down in 2 or 3 years if and when the GBIA can even borrow enough money to buy the Arena. The success of the YMCA and GBIA was due to not having to pay any rent and we will see how well they do when they have to cover there cost. I expect Childcare and Ice time to go up in the near future with an Ice Arena collapse. Hopefully I am wrong and they will thrive an remain an asset to the community.

I haven't seen anything to prove they have saved money on the in-house engineer - so I don't know but would be a nice for the tax-payers.

Insurance buyout saved the town nothing except hypothetical dollars and more than likely was a loss.

I do like the new building versus the old shack the town use to have which was embarrassing.

No clue about the inner politics of the town hall or who is trying to stifle political opposition.


marvan 1 year, 9 months ago

Turgid once again you know nothing!! How much are they saving on Engineering? They hire interns to do his job so where are the big savings? The open and transparent is a bunch of BS check how many times they go into Executive Session illegally it will show they lie. The insurance buyout was a big screw up cause they had to pay the full premiums plus gave employees another 50% so where are the savings Steve? You say the Union and the LRC are trying to embarrass the Town Board ,please they do a good enough job of their own. Please come back when you have facts. You probably could get them if you hacked the LRC Emails again!!!


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