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Introducing: ‘The Adventures of Frankie’

Once upon a time, not necessarily that long ago, in a town not too far away, lived a young boy named Francis. Francis was not particularly fond of his name, so he asked everyone to call him Frankie. Each week, I’ll be telling you a story about Frankie as he grows from a little boy to a young man. I’m sure that the mischief he gets into and the lessons he learns will entertain you as much as your own children amuse you!

Fishing Derby set for April 19

The Baldwinsville Kiwanis annual Fishing Derby will take place on Saturday, April 19 at Mercer Park in Baldwinsville. Free fishing poles, donated by the B'ville Kiwanis Club, will be given to the first 35 kids that show up that morning. Registration is free and begins at 8 a.m. The event runs until 11 a.m. For all children up to age 11. After the tournament, free lunch will be provided. For more information, call Tony Saraceni at 409-6503.

Beaver Lake Spring Adventure Week

There will be plenty of things for folks to do at Beaver Lake Nature Center during the week of school vacation, from Monday, April 21 to Friday, April 25, all free with admission. The following activities will take place Monday through Friday of that week:

COLUMN: Pizza Man Pub captures hometown spirit

The origin of the word “pub” comes from public house, fundamental to the cultures of England and other European countries and later New England. Indeed, the public house was often the heart of the community.

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PAC-B pioneer shares channel’s early days

Norma Goodman has a special history with PAC-B TV. Her late husband Donald was one of three co-founders of the public access channel in Baldwinsville, which first aired in February 1998. The other two were the late Bob Kirk and the late Bob Stockdale, who owned WSEN radio in Baldwinsville.

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Former B’ville lacrosse players attribute personal success to being members of the team

Spring is slowly working its way back to this region, thawing what’s left of the ice and snow from an unusually long, heavy winter. Residents of Baldwinsville are beginning to feel the sunshine, enjoying the higher temperatures and thinking about getting outside and enjoying spring sports. This is especially true for Baldwinsville’s boys varsity lacrosse team, which opens its season on Saturday, March 22, with an away game against Marcellus Central High School.

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WCNY-FM offers special radio service for blind and visually impaired

For more than three decades, WCNY-FM has been serving the blind and visually-impaired residents of Central New York with a special radio service called READ-OUT.

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Meet Silver Fox Senior Social Club's resident cat, 'Foxy'

Foxy, who will turn 4 years old this June, is the resident cat at Silver Fox Senior Social Club. Welcomed as a kitten after staff adopted him from a local animal shelter, the Maine Coon now welcomes others as they come through the front door.

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New bakery offers gluten-free goods

Ribbon-cutting ceremony, open house set for March 29

Baldwinsville native Deborah Fuller has been baking ever since she was a little girl, starting first with her Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven. When she was old enough to graduate to the “big” oven, she never looked back. “I’ve baked my whole life,” she said. “I just always had a passion.”

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Local artist blooms in Baldwinsville

When you walk into Baldwinsville’s Canal Walk Cafe, you’re surrounded by the talents of local artists in a variety of media: culinary, crafting and paintings just to name a few. What you may not know is that one of those artists responsible for the eclectic and eye-catching decor is also involved in dishing up your palate’s preference. Meet your server, Jackie Colello, a gifted painter whose passion involves another kind of palette: color.

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As testing regulations increase, more and more parents choose to homeschool their children

As controversies over Common Core and mandated standardized tests become more and more prevalent, many parents are choosing a new option in educating their children: homeschooling. Once the sole province of the very religious, homeschooling is becoming more popular every day, with a growth rate of 7 to 15 percent per year. Nationwide, about 2 million children learn at home instead of in a brick-and-mortar school, up from about 1 million in 2003. According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 88 percent of U.S. homeschool parents express concern about the school environment, citing drugs, negative peer pressure and general safety.

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Blaze your own snow trail — outside of B’ville parks

Spring is near, but there’s still plenty of time — and snow — to keep winter sport enthusiasts busy, particularly those with snowmobiles. In the village of Baldwinsville, these recreational vehicles are not allowed to be driven, but there’s proof in the powder that it’s going on anyway.

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Pour it on

Learn the art of maple sugaring

For most people, Valentine’s Day calls for last minute stops to local flower and candy shops. For others, the holiday is a target date for an entirely different purpose, yet still yields sweet results: maple syrup.

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Team Believe raises money for area charities through running

Running a 10-mile race is a tremendous challenge. But if you’ve got the right motivation, those 10 miles can feel like nothing at all. That’s the idea behind Team Believe, a grassroots organization that brings together local runners to help the Central New York community. The group, which got its start in 2009, asks participants to help raise money for local children’s charities while training for the Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run in Syracuse in May.

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‘Les Mis’ luminescent!

B’ville Theatre Guild stages a sensational version of the classic musical 

Few musicals engage the mind and excite the senses as does “Les Misérables.” Even more rarely does a community theater group expertly blend the epic story, the grand spectacle and the soaring music to deliver a seamless and sensational show. Director Korrie Taylor, music director Abel Searor and producers Mark and Sandy Baker, however, have done just that with the current Baldwinsville Theatre Guild production of “Les Mis,” running through Feb. 8.