LETTERS: Baldwinsville MOW gives thanks

To the editor: Christmas has come and gone. But the spirit of Christmas still lingers here at Baldwinsville Meals on Wheels. When we visit the homes of our clients we see the evidence of generosity from the community we live in. We would like to thank everyone for the continuing support that enables our program to continue.

LETTERS: Dismayed at loss of jobs at airport

To the editor: I write to express dismay at the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority and their apparent disinterest in ensuring that 45 current concession workers at the Syracuse-Hancock International Airport keep their jobs. What’s done appears done.

COLUMN: I’m going bald in March for my mother — want to help?

I only write columns for the paper when I really have something to say; and while I have no bylines in this week’s paper (because I was on vacation last week) the one thing I wanted to write for this issue was that I am shaving my head (and possibly my beard and mustache) for the March 16 St. Baldrick’s fundraising event in Cazenovia, and I hope as many people as possible will participate or contribute.

COLUMN: Coffee with the mayor

A small gathering of people braved some icy roads to converse with Mayor Joe Saraceni at Canton Woods Senior Center earlier this month. One in particular, Kathy Raymond, is new to the area and now resides in Radisson. Welcome, Kathy! The others included Baldwinsville native Frank O’Donnell, John Luczak and Anthony Gianbrone.

LETTERS: Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC

Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC To the editor: Kudos to the Lysander Town Board for its unanimous decision to sell the Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena. Hopefully, the town board will utilize the $50,000 annual debt service savings and the lump sum ($255,000) it will receive from the sale for the betterment of the taxpayers they serve. Perhaps, this money can be returned to the taxpayers in the form of lower taxes in 2015, especially after our taxes were increased so much this year.

COLUMN: Budget proposal: Good on cutting manufacturing taxes, bad with public financing of campaigns

As he is constitutionally required to do, the Governor proposed his 2014-15 budget last week. It was a status quo budget proposal that did not contain any revolutionary ideas or reforms but it does keep spending in check and does contain some positive proposals. It should be noted that this budget proposal is a starting point for negotiations with the state legislature. The governor and legislature have until April 1st to agree on a final budget.

Best against best

Broncos' offense, Seahawks' D makes for compelling Super Bowl

To save you a whole lot of time between now and Sunday night’s football game in New Jersey with a Roman numeral title that decides the championship of the National Football League, here is the lazy, tired narrative that will get repeated millions of times before they kick it off.

Home considerations

Even if Dome is maintained, new arena would help Syracuse

More than 30,000 packed the Carrier Dome on Jan. 11 as SU’s undefeated men’s basketball juggernaut dismantled North Carolina. Way more, perhaps up to 35,000, will be on hand next Saturday night for the arrival of Duke, even if they’re not as imposing as Blue Devil teams from seasons past.

Elected officials offer ‘Resolutions 2014’

We all make them. Well, most of us anyway. But do we keep them? According to one website, Statisticbrain.com, more do than we think. It lists that 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, 17 percent not so much and 38 percent never. But a whopping number of those who do — 89 percent — are successful in achieving their goal. That’s pretty impressive.

Letters: Conservative vice chair responds to Lysander’s 36 percent tax increase

To the editor: As the vice chair for the Lysander Conservative Party, I would like to first congratulate Councilor Roman Diamond and Councilor Bob Geraci on their outstanding victory on Nov. 5. I’m so proud of all of our endorsed candidates. Politics at times can get very negative and very dirty, but you all held yourselves high and never got in the mud. Councilors Geraci and Diamond, you should be very proud. I wish you two all the luck in the world.

Kicking off the New Year right

It is that time of year again — time to “set New Year’s resolutions,” “get in shape,” “work on the waist line,” “go on a diet,” “start fresh,” whatever you want to call it, most people feel the need to reevaluate their habits in January after all the holiday hoopla is over. Usually diet and exercise habits rank high on the list of “needs improvement.” On Jan. 1 (or maybe Jan. 2), the “hard core dieters” and the “gung-ho gym members” begin their quest. They sweat, grunt, groan, “give up carbs” and step on the scale every day. A month later, most of them find themselves exhausted, sore, injured, hungry, deprived, miserable and frustrated (maybe even a few other adjectives). They may or may not be in better shape or weigh less. If you plan on trying this approach, please reconsider. If you want long lasting success and really want to feel better emotionally and physically, please try this approach…

Sanity at South Jefferson

Top basketball coach returns; will we learn from it?

This was getting all too familiar. Again a successful, accomplished high school coach in Central New York was getting scrutiny from his employer. Again the coach’s future was put in jeopardy. Again a large part of the community organized itself in support of the coach.

Mandela, man and hero

Great man fought for freedom, forgiveness in extraordinary life

A Sunday morning, February 11, 1990, and I was still a freshman in high school. We were all about to head out to church, but we turned on CNN – and the most astonishing, remarkable and wonderful sight greeted us.

LETTER: Grateful to birth mother for courage

Letter to the editor from the Dec. 4 edition of the Baldwinsville Messenger.

COLUMN: Library focus - Celebrate the season at the library

The holidays are upon us once again and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to celebrate or escape the madness, we have the resources you need.