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EDITORIAL: Opting out sends a strong message -- but will Albany hear it?

You’d think, with some 16 percent of students statewide making a conscious choice not to take the exams, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Education Department might start to rethink their policies.

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EDITORIAL: ‘An eye for an eye’

Animal abuse doesn’t justify online cruelty

What the Lashers have been charged with is inexcusably cruel. While animal lovers have every right to be angry about the treatment Hope endured and the leniency of animal cruelty laws in New York state, there are more positive and productive ways to vent that energy rather than spewing hateful comments online.

EDITORIAL: Vote yes on Prop. 1

For too long, New York’s system for drawing electoral maps has been broken. Under current legislation, members of the New York State Legislature draw the lines for legislative and congressional districts. Those lines are redrawn every 10 years by a committee made up of sitting legislators. That means that the people responsible for drawing the lines are the very people who benefit from how the lines are drawn.

EDITORIAL: Time to build a new plan

This editorial appears in the June 25 editions of Spotlight Newspapers.

National Trails Day is Saturday, June 7

One of the best parts about living in Central New York is the many outdoor amenities we have right at our fingertips. From the uncomplicated footpaths at Baldwinsville’s Beaver Lake Nature Center to the challenging hikes that Homer’s Spafford Forest offers, Onondaga County alone presents an array of scenic venues for all ages and fitness levels.

Get rid of the GEA now

According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York is looking at a $2 million budget surplus. Cuomo has talked a lot about the surplus and his plans for it. Unfortunately for him, it’s not his money to spend.

‘Speed Week’ sends reminder about dangerous driving

Speeding on local roads, or highways, can be dangerous and can out you and loved ones needlessly in harm’s way. As a reminder of this fact, state police will be cracking down on speeders this week, remember not to speed now, rather than after you’ve already been ticketed.

EDITORIAL: All walks of life welcome

Volunteer fire departments across New York State will open their doors to local residents Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, as part of the third annual RecruitNY statewide volunteer firefighter recruitment effort, which coincides with National Volunteer Week.

Protect your valuables

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office has reported an increase in vehicle break-ins at various fitness center parking lots throughout Onondaga County.

EDITORIAL: January is National Mentoring Month

Mentors are making a difference here in Baldwinsville through a unique partnership between the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center and the Baldwinsville Central School District.

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Help the Baldwinsville Christmas Bureau make this a Merry Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and nearly 165 families have registered for holiday assistance from the Baldwinsville Christmas Bureau. That means our Christmas Bureau committee and volunteers are already hard at work.

More women must run for office

This election cycle, more women ran for Congressional office than ever before, with 18 running for the Senate and 141 for the House. In New York, both candidates for the Senate race were women; two of the three candidates for the 24th Congressional District race, one of the nation’s most hotly contested seats, were women.

Give thanks, and food this Thanksgiving

Every year, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center conducts a Thanksgiving food drive to provide less fortunate families within the greater Baldwinsville community with complete makings for a Thanksgiving dinner. This year, the BVC will continue the effort, while also reaching out to more community members and businesses to encourage donations.

EDITORIAL: Trick or treat safely

With Halloween right around the corner, now is a good time for parents to discuss safety measures with their children prior to heading out for a night of fun.

Editorial: Every ride counts

Volunteering is a great way for residents to become more familiar with the community they live in. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, the Baldwinsville Volunteer Center is hosting a Volunteer Recruitment Fair from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, in the Baldwinsville Library.