Letters to the Editor


LETTERS: Facts about ‘Ash for Trash’ proposal

To the editor: Will Onondaga County import trash to burn? Three things to watch: 1. OCRRA’s contract with Covanta is “hurtling toward its May 2015 expiration date.” This contract, signed in 2003, gives the plant away for a dollar and allows waste to be brought in from anywhere. Who signed this and was it legal? Who was informed about this agreement? Covanta must have been aware of a ban on importation and agreed to it. OCRRA had 12 years to develop a plan that followed the wishes of the public and their lawmakers. Now they’re “hurtling” and are trying to sign a deal with Cortland County to make money after they “sold the store” in 2003?

LETTERS: Be thankful for a job well done

To the editor: What a long winter it has been. The past four months have kept many of us isolated in our homes due to cold weather [with] mounds of snow piling up, especially for us Baldwinsvillians. We know how the weather can change the farther we head west on 690 and deeper into the Lysander area. Snow plows and crooked mailboxes have become the norm for many of us who live on the outskirts as the snow banks pile up, reminding us of what winters were like as children.

LETTERS: Why refusal to apologize?

To the editor: A few months ago I was made aware of an entry on “The B’ville Blotter” site on Facebook. The entry was a multi-page copy of a letter dated Aug. 11, 2012 written by Town Councilor Andrew Reeves to the New York State Attorney General.

LETTERS: Clarke right man for mayor

To the editor: In March we vote for a new mayor of Baldwinsville. I am looking forward to Dick Clarke being elected as the next mayor of the village. Dick and his family have been lifelong residents of Baldwinsville and Dick has always been interested in the well-being of the village and its residents.

LETTERS: Support Jordan for mayor

To the editor: As one of the youngest town councilors in Onondaga County, and the youngest councilor ever to be elected in the town of Lysander, I take a special interest when I see young people deciding to take an active role in local government. I would like to take a moment of your time to talk to you about a particular young man that is interested in running for mayor of Baldwinsville, and his name is Stephen Jordan.

LETTERS: Sub shop reassures patrons

To the editor: Dear Oswego Sub Shop Patrons, Community Members, and Friends: In November 2013, the Oswego Sub Shop was contacted by the United States Secret Service and identified as a possible common point of purchase of a credit card breach (hack). They informed us that our computers may have been compromised resulting in the unauthorized use of customers credit card information.

LETTERS: Baldwinsville MOW gives thanks

To the editor: Christmas has come and gone. But the spirit of Christmas still lingers here at Baldwinsville Meals on Wheels. When we visit the homes of our clients we see the evidence of generosity from the community we live in. We would like to thank everyone for the continuing support that enables our program to continue.

LETTERS: Dismayed at loss of jobs at airport

To the editor: I write to express dismay at the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority and their apparent disinterest in ensuring that 45 current concession workers at the Syracuse-Hancock International Airport keep their jobs. What’s done appears done.

LETTERS: Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC

Sale of ice arena good, now rink needs TLC To the editor: Kudos to the Lysander Town Board for its unanimous decision to sell the Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena. Hopefully, the town board will utilize the $50,000 annual debt service savings and the lump sum ($255,000) it will receive from the sale for the betterment of the taxpayers they serve. Perhaps, this money can be returned to the taxpayers in the form of lower taxes in 2015, especially after our taxes were increased so much this year.

Letters: Conservative vice chair responds to Lysander’s 36 percent tax increase

To the editor: As the vice chair for the Lysander Conservative Party, I would like to first congratulate Councilor Roman Diamond and Councilor Bob Geraci on their outstanding victory on Nov. 5. I’m so proud of all of our endorsed candidates. Politics at times can get very negative and very dirty, but you all held yourselves high and never got in the mud. Councilors Geraci and Diamond, you should be very proud. I wish you two all the luck in the world.

LETTER: Grateful to birth mother for courage

Letter to the editor from the Dec. 4 edition of the Baldwinsville Messenger.

LETTER: Appreciates vote of confidence

Letter to the editor.

LETTER: Thank you for your votes

Letter to the editor.

LETTER: No response from our BCSD board?

Letter to the editor.