Locked out

Lysander highway super claims he was excluded from contract negotiations

While the Lysander Town Board approved a new contract Aug. 24 for the Teamsters Local 317, Highway Superintendent Gene Dinsmore is claiming he was “shut out” from contract negotiations for his employees.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Raising wage for one industry sets dangerous precedent

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the governor’s decision to convene a wage board for the purposes of considering increasing the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour.

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‘The petition is dead’

Lamson Road Water District petition fails

The latest attempt to bring public water to the Lamson Road area of the town of Lysander has failed. A petition carried by residents did not reach the 50 percent of the proposed district’s total assessed value required for the town board to consider a resolution to create the district.

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On the campaign trail: Little activity in Van Buren campaign donations

The Endorsed Van Buren Republicans committee and the Van Buren Republican Women’s Club have released their periodic campaign finance reports for July 2015.

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State: Saraceni must refund $3,000 to developer

Lysander supervisor hopeful Joe Saraceni must refund a large portion of a donation to his campaign, the state board of elections ruled last week.

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EDITORIAL: Town must do better in bringing water to its residents

The latest effort to bring a water district to Lamson Road has failed. It’s a huge blow to the residents who can’t get decent water and just one in a series of unsuccessful efforts to connect the area to public water.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Important resources available to help students pay for college

As the new school year rapidly approaches, incoming seniors will be faced with making some tough decisions that will have a big impact on their lives. Deciding where to go to college can be very stressful, so it’s important that seniors start planning early. Many students going through this difficult process must also consider the cost of college. That’s why it’s critical that students and their families learn about the resources available to help pay for college so they can make the decision that best suits them.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Why is NYS protecting convicted criminals’ public pensions?

Joyce Mitchell, the woman who confessed to assisting two convicted murderers escape from Clinton Correctional Facility, will still collect a public pension thanks to Albany’s failure to pass a widely supported reform measure. In her retirement years, whether spent in prison or elsewhere, we can rest assured that she’ll be able to cash her pension checks.

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North West Fire District referendum set for Sept. 22

The North West Fire District board of commissioners voted Aug. 7 to approve two propositions relating to the sale of property from the Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire Company, the construction of a new station on Smokey Hollow Road and an addition to Fire Station 1 on Crego Road. Fire district residents will vote on the propositions Sept. 22 at Baldwinsville Station 1 on Crego Road. A public hearing will be held prior to the vote, the date of which has yet to be announced.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Legislation passes to help seniors and visually impaired

Two bills in particular which passed the State Legislature could help both seniors and visually-impaired residents if signed into law by the governor. I supported each in the Assembly and both passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

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Lamson Road Water District petitions returned

The town of Lysander received the petitions in favor of the Lamson Road Water District, Supervisor John Salisbury announced at the July 27 meeting of the town board.

Lysander First accuses Saraceni of fundraising conflict

While Joe Saraceni had the support of Lysander First upon announcing his candidacy for Lysander supervisor, it seems that town board re-election seekers Melinda Shimer and Andy Reeves have withdrawn their favor in light of Saraceni’s July financial disclosure report.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Everything old is new again

Here I go again, Central New York’s biggest cheerleader, but I can’t help myself. In July I was fortunate to take three tours to see the progress, the accomplishments and the future plans of some of our community’s most iconic landmarks. I wish you were with me.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Farmers markets provide locally grown nutrition

Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, honey, wine and cheese are all out in abundance this time of year throughout the region and will be for the next few months at local farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets provide an opportunity to buy local and give farmers a chance to provide home-grown produce straight to the consumer. The markets are located throughout the region, and we’re fortunate to have as much fresh and homegrown produce as we do in our area.

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LETTER: Closed-door meeting gave every appearance of impropriety

To the editor: On July 13, I addressed the Lysander Town Board and inquired about a board meeting I witnessed being held behind closed doors earlier that day. The town attorney later provided me with an advisory opinion from the NYS Committee on Open Government, indicating the board can meet to seek legal advice and the Open Meetings Law does not apply. However, the opinion also stated: “Further, if at some point in a discussion the attorney stops giving legal advice, a public body may begin discussing or deliberating independent of the attorney. When that point is reached… the attorney-client privilege has ended and the body should return to an open meeting.”