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Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #4: Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

An inspirational story about three teenagers that try to find their place in a world that they may not live in for long.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #3: Dreams, Expectations and Imaginations

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #2: Lights, Camera, Tonys

My review of the 46th annual Tony Awards

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #1: Introducing Me

Why read this blog? Who's the author? Find out now!


Let's keep it clean and fun! Restore Pride!!!

Kindly allow me to briefly enter this discussion to offer the following: Campaign season started many months ago. My immediate goal at the outset of seeking to win the Lysander town councilor seat was to set the stage for an upbeat, highly positive campaign that was more focused on speaking ...

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From Dad

The second child dilemma

With one typical child and one autistic kid, the concept of fairness gets thrown out the window.

From the Publisher

Downturn in fishing causes concern

Since herbicide was introduced Cazenovia Lake two years ago, the fishing has taken a turn for the worse. Is it coincidence?

From the Publisher

Raise my taxes … but for the right reasons

So those of us living in the city of Syracuse will not have a tax increase this year. Like many, I find myself conflicted on this issue. I am one of the few who don’t believe property taxes in the city are too high. I’ve lived in the suburbs and ...

From Dad

First day jitters

He won't say it, because he can't, but John is anxious about the first day of school. He tells us with his humming. He tells us when he runs away. He tells us with his pushes and kicks when we give him the schedule for the day. The folks at ...

From Dad

Graduation Day – celebration and trepidation

The warm blanket of preschool slips off, and we prepare to enter the new world of public school.

From Dad

Five years of autism and love

Reminiscing on five difficult, wonderful years as the father of an autistic child.