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gsmds 3 years, 3 months ago

Just an FYI that updates for Kelly, Dennis and Audrey Gleason can be found at a Facebook page set up today.


Please continue to pray for the family and let them know your support as they progress through this tradgedy.

Thank you.


BillShoen 3 years, 3 months ago

Phil, Your article on the Bees girls tennis state qualifiers was excellent. To think that the little Reisinger girl is just a "freshman" and has been playing number one singles on the varsity since she was in 7th grade. Oh, I'm a proud Grandpa. Bill


bvroman 2 years, 3 months ago

to bill Goodwin, it isn't nice to write about someone's personal life without knowing all about the situation. Yes the house that I lived in for 22 years is up for back taxes, but what you didn't write ,or get all the facts about is that my divorce 12 years ago left me to raise 2 girls,8 and 10 years old all by myself! After 6 years of raising my girls with very little help from their mother who moved out of state, I had no other choice. I took care of my daughters and paid all of my bills until my present wife and I bought my new house and surrendered the old one to my ex wife (whose name is still on the deed). I've made every payment on that house until I moved out. It is very immature for someone to think that they are without mistakes, the only difference is I'll be up front and honest. I'm sure if you rattled some of the people who are in office now, you would find ghosts in their closets as well. If you want to judge someone you need to take into consideration the bad, AND the good. I am proud of the life that I have now and although it has been a tough journey I've learned my lessons. Win or lose, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me in this election.

Bill Vroman


OLDDDP 2 years, 2 months ago

IF YOU VOTED FOR DINSMORE: When there is a breakfast meeting for highway supervisors...nothing else matters! Example**(this is not an isolated case) On Nov.13th. the highway dept. was idle while the roads in the western part of Lysander were snow covered and slippery. Being Wednesday morning buses were out there picking up the kids. But, Dinsmore was getting ready for a meeting and "Oatneal" took priority over clearing roads. Get this: The county had a man on Cross Lake Rd. flagging traffic, warning cars to slow down, how embarrassing! If that wasn't bad enough, the school sent out a truck and salted Farnham Rd. while the men at the Hwy. Dept were washing trucks! Is something wrong here? Gene Dinsmore finally went to Farnham Rd. that night at 4:30 pm. Reason was to verify that it was actually salted...guess he didn't believe his men. Here's a point to ponder," why put $7000 Dickie-Johns on the trucks to regulate salt distribution when you don't even bother to send them out?" You sure can keep the cost of salt down if you keep the trucks in the garage. Yeh, but they look good! Hey Dinsmore, it's time to stop campaigning and put some effort into learning how to run your department! Get the trucks out there salting and THEN go to breakfast. Four more years....SCARY, HUH? The voters should be proud...I voted for Parsons!!!


bonniecaza 1 year, 11 months ago

How can I get back issues of the Messenger? Specifically the March 5, 2014 edition


shadow8420 6 months ago

Our father passed away almost three years ago and was put to rest in the River View Cemetery in Baldwinsville. We bought new artificial flowers and put them on. When we came back the following week they were gone. We went to the office and they told us they threw them away, pots and all. They said it is against the policy of the cemetery to have artificial. So we said ok and bought real flowers which are very hard to keep alive with our weather. We have no problem if the rule is the same for everyone. For the last two years, they keep telling us, they will remove all the artificial flowers. Talk a walk or drive thru and you will see they are still there. What is fair??? If you throw some away , you must throw all of them away.


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